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Discussion in ' Modifications And Maintenance ' started by xteaOct 28, Log in or Sign up. Thinking of upgrading my turbo to a custom billet wheel vf This is the propaganda. Likes Received: 44 Trophy Points: There's a fella on legacygt who rebuilds turbos with custom billet wheels.

There is nothing wrong with my vf40 but when I go stage 2 in November I want the most I can get out of it. For half the cost of a brand new vf52 he can sell me a vf46 with a custom wheel.

IHI VF52 Turbocharger

This is what he has said about it. The advantage is that the billet wheel is about half of the weight of the stock cast wheel, so it will spool quicker and then pull harder when it does spool and the combination is very nice and works great with stock fuel system. You can definitely get a higher dyno number with either of those as well as a higher fuel bill every day you drive it LOL but you'll lose at least rpm on spool quickness. Sooner rather than later, your fuel injectors will begin to lose their efficiency from being run on such high duty cycles to try to keep up with the turbo and your fuel pump will be working much harder to keep up, which will shorten the life and require replacement sooner too.

As you know, when these are in good operating shape, even stock, they are pretty darn quick and fun to drive. The custom will enhance that a lot, especially if you're going to Stage 2 with it and you won't be disappointed. Spools up at aboutboost is on before 3k, sometimes sooner depending on what gear the trans is in.

My tires, though they are good, can slip mid-corner when suddenly on-boost before the 5EAT "Nannys" me back into traction. A mph pull can pin me and a passenger to the seats every time, and that's what makes it all worth it. On stiffer suspension, I expect this effect will be a bit more dramatic. I'll keep you posted. Do I want that? Not really. Seriously, on a good day, this car can scare me on an open on-ramp as-is, and I'm probably barely over 12psi on a Stage 2 tune. I haven't looked at the boost levels lately, lol.

It sounds like a great upgrade for me since it will spool faster than a 16g, or vf40 for that matter, and can handle more boost then the vf40 I assume.

I will be bulletproofing my TMIC which I know none of you think is worth anything, but doing so will keep it happy up to 20psi from what I've read of people who are actually using this mod. I don't plan to upgrade the fuel system. I just want a peppy stage 2 daily driver. This sounds like a good ticket. I am ignorant of the performance of the vf Is this general kanene politicale party mp3 download upgrade or more a sidestep?

Last edited: Oct 28, Likes Received: 78 Trophy Points: It all sounds greatt in theory, have you talked to anyone who has one?Jump to content. Posted 05 June - PM. Posted 01 July - PM. Posted 02 July - PM. Posted 03 July - PM. Posted 13 July - AM. Posted 13 July - PM. Great to hear you are liking the STi pinks. I'll be getting mine in as soon as I've installed my Whiteline bushes. Can you hook a brother up? Please contact me now. I have cash ready.

Three sets; front control arm lower inner rear bushing KCArear control arm upper inner bushing W and rear control arm upper outer bushing KCA Pretty sure they're the right part numbers. As far as the tyres are concerned, I couldn't be happier. I killed two birds with one stone and put them on my newly refurbished STi rims too. Posted 14 July - AM.

Posted 14 July - PM. Posted 19 July - PM. Posted 29 August - PM. Nice work mate, excellent build up. Such a great sense of achievement in the end and that it was all worthwhile.Although there are abundance of different turbo models across Subaru, they are mostly same turbochargers with slight variations.

I have a forester xt and recently purchased a vf46 to replace the blown turbo in my forester. I am extremely knew to Subaru but am a very talented mechanic. This is a rather tedious conversion involving a lot of time, extra parts, and will not gain you any performance or reliability benefits. This is the second turbo could possibly be more in the engines life which is now Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. We specialize in engine and turbocharger repair and upgrade services. We invite you to look through the engine and turbo service sections. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions and quote requests. Similarities: All internal components are the same. Both turbocharger use the same RHF5H rebuild kit: journal bearings, clips, oil seals, retainers, fasteners, and thrust components Turbine housings are the same Bearing housings are the same Differences:.

Compressor wheels are different — inducer and exducer diameters are the same, total blade height and count is the same as well.

Difference is in the height of the exducer blade tips. VF46 blades are slightly shorter, about 2mm. Wastegate actuator mounting is different — VF40 uses 3 of the 6 retaining bolts to clamp the actuator, while the VF46 uses only 2 of the 5 bolts to perform the same task. There is no advantage or disadvantage to either design.

Compressor seal plate is different — VF40 utilizes a smaller compressor seal plate than the VF Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Stay tuned! Available both black and white.The TD04 vs VF52 has a different hard water line.

Click on a term to search for related topics. This is the factory turbocharger that came equipped in the Subaru WRX from models and makes for a nice upgrade over the factory turbocharger. However, when properly built, the EJ can be an excellent performer in a number of performance applications from street to circuit to strip. Compressor housings are different- Subaru claims to use a "new" 5 arc design which greatly improves flow and turbo response.

All VF-series turbochargers use the same roller bearing, water-cooled core assembly. Is my turbo a VF39 or VF52? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Tasting notes: Comparison of the stock Subaur STi vs. Did a turbo swap over the weekend and took some pics of the stock VF48 vs some Blouch turbo's. No other information known at this time. Our billet compressor wheels are balanced past OEM specifications and re-balanced with the complete rotating assembly to assure maximum durability and turbocharger longevity.

Parts Not so much 2. No need to worry about a retune or anything else, just install this turbo and be on your way.

Together with the VF52, two other vitolas were launched to complete the series: the VF50 x Especially after the intake silencer removal and the Perrin inlet. Something from the old forum IHI turbo. I think that is the turbo that was in the LGT's and was prone to premature failure even on cars that were stock. I wanted to know how much power it accounts for. It will give similar results to a bnr 16g.

Tuned at Efi Logics by Mikey Botti.

Thinking of upgrading my turbo to a custom billet wheel vf46. This is the propaganda.

Note that those cars would require custom ECU tuning to account for the larger turbo.Return to 2. Australian Liberty Owners Club Skip to content.

Used the search and the numerous threads, but didn't quite get the answers i was looking for. As I've now claimed the lib as mine, the tweaks have started and the vf46 is up for a swap. To what I'm not sure hence the question. I see a lot of vf52 upgrades and many happy. Though i suspect that one of the reasons this upgrade is and became so popular is it's relative cheaper price second hand than getting new but also as it's an oem part.

As this will be a new turbo, the price difference is negligible but concerns are about driveability are. Nearly all the threads and opinions all over are based in a manual car. Autos seem to a different pool. Basically, the car is a well looked after specBk, tuned, oil change at every 5 since new. Parts list waiting to go on are PW top mount, invidia dump, 3 port, dw65cc, panel filter and hopefully some sti quads.

Car has been great and reliable. Would like it to stay that way so no over the top get ready for heads lifting type monster turbos required and besides, it spends most of the time crawling in sydney traffic but like most, the want Opinions and advice much appreciated. Or if anyone has other suggestions. I've got a pierburg 3-port waiting to be installed, as well as an intercooler spray kit.

The VF52 probably has a bit of headroom in it at those levels which is good, you don't want to push a turbo too close to its limits. Matt has done the original tune and I very happy. Car drives super well and logs clean. Took a week to want more powaa Just want to up it some Pm coming re meeting up.

Running no. I'm running a kinugawa in my 5eat spec B and after Matt touched it up I'm really happy with the performance. Good value for money here too.This was a sticky before the wipeout. But nice effort from 6zeroG and Tits Credit belongs to Teako Want sticky DIY la. Old Man. The Bimbos very noisy. A little trivia here Thanks for your hard work.

This is like the one stop for turbo. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted November 26, It can be found on all the current model years from Expect to achieve full boost with the proper mods and a quality tune between rpms.

No other information known at this time. Of all the IHI models, the VF22 has the largest potential for peak horsepower, and is capable of supporting the highest boost levels. It is capable of running up to 25 psi.

The VF22 is a roller bearing turbo that utilizes the P20 exhaust housing. This housing is mated with the smaller compressor housing of the VF24 for fast response and excellent low and mid-range performance. It does not have the same top end power of the VF22, but spools up slightly quicker.Return to 2.

Australian Liberty Owners Club Skip to content. Vf52 experiences vs 46 Posts specific to the 2. Is there a significant difference as compared to vf46 stock turbine? How much later does the turbo come on? Is it that much more laggy? Does this upgrade put lots of stress on engine?

Do you need to upgrade to have a silicone inlet pipe? Thanks guys. Or pay up for a glamour tune eg MSR etc.

Turbo: STi/WRX VF Series Turbocharger breakdown:

Then consider a turbo upgrade. There are limits in the stock systems eg injectors etc so do the research and plan mods within those limits or carry out the required upgrades to support your intended outcome. Subaru FSM, parts, procedures and diagnostics Google this Forum Addicted to corn juice My FrankenStien build thread here: viewtopic. I've not heard of this happening with a stock Lib inlet but its something to consider along with a silicone TB hose.

They are available for stock inlet diameter or bigger turbos. They resist collapsing and smooth the inlet airflow, the latter being the primary reason a tune even on stock is required. Maybe a 3port too? But I'd do the pump and get started tuning first. Yes it would apply - support is a good thing. Support it first for safety and reliability. I'm supporting the stock stuff first then ill consider the bigger upgrades.

There's plenty to gain and yes ultimately the vf52 is a stock turbo with a slightly different design providing a little more top end.

Upgraded Billet Compressor Wheel VF48 Turbo Review!!!

During a 3rd gear pull, Bruce eventually pulled away from me as we reached the rpm range. We were somewhat surprised. Similar supporting mods, my lib is heavier being a wagon In normal driving its all about bottom end, thus I'm not really in the market for this upgrade unless mine fails.

Drive a good Lib for comparison. My lib went from being average and unpredictable to rather awesome. But it took tons of research, diagnosis, repair and modification.