Textron wildcat

Fast Facts Engine: cc Triple. Over the years we have all heard rumors of machines that may or may not be in development. Sometimes those rumors are actually squashed or in some rare cases they come to fruition, bringing a brand-new machine to the anxiously awaiting public. This past month we had a chance to see one of those long-awaited machines in person and drive the newest offering from Textron Off-Road — the Textron Wildcat XX.

Having incredible engineering departments and not to mention a deep well of resource funds, Textron has continued the relationship with former Indy Car, NASCAR and desert driver Robby Gordon to put the wraps on its latest entry into the world of go fast Side-by-Side.

In the dust-covered rocks of the California desert we had the chance to finally get in, buckle up and stand on the go pedal for an incredible journey into what Textron Off-Road has been working on over the last couple of years. The Textron Wildcat XX is here, and just so you know, it is legit! Sitting 64 inches wide and with over 18 inches of suspension travel, the Textron Wildcat XX gets your attention right away. Where Textron Off Road claims its design works better is in the reduction of track width change through the stroke of the suspension.

Textron claims this system, in theory, gives better control and stability to the car. Utilizing the FOX Podium QS3 shocks on this Wildcat XX, Textron believes that giving the average consumer this type of set up takes the stress out of dialing in the dampening of their machine. The three-position clicker is easily understood and effective for those who need simplicity without giving up performance. During our testing of the Wildcat XX we found the factory setting of the number two position in the front and the number three position in the rear worked very well.

The steering box and tie rods are located out in front of the front differential. The tie rods attach to the forged aluminum steering knuckles in the front as well and the knuckles have oversized bearings for longer life. When asked why engineers went with this design over a traditional UTV set up, we were basically told this gives the driver maximum leverage and control of the vehicle.

Wildcat XX

Simple as that in a nutshell. The rear of the machine is also easily removed and replaced, making the base framework, in our eyes, essentially three separate parts. By taking the rear skid panel off, disconnecting electrical as well as any fluid attachments and unbolting six bolts, the engine is free to drop out of the chassis; pretty impressive from a racer standpoint, as it makes service incredibly easy.

So, let us talk powerplant for a second. This engine is admittedly a Yamaha-produced mill. It is no secret that Arctic Cat and Yamaha have worked together on the snowmobile side of off-road and this relationship has become beneficial for this new Wildcat XX.

One item you will notice is that there is a slight bulge on the right side of the engine. Although the stator is sufficient on the Wildcat XX, it was decided that extra voltage produced for those accessories could easily be achieved by running an external alternator off the crank.

So just like many desert racing vehicles Textron Off Road installed that insurance for the add-ons you have in mind after the purchase of your Wildcat XX.

textron wildcat

The features just kept us busy for hours as we looked the Textron Wildcat XX over. Everything from the tool-less removable bed tub for easy engine access, to the easily accessible CVT belt enclosure, you can service the machine without losing your religion. Textron has engineered a fan blade of sorts to the drive clutch to help move air through the CVT box.

Details like these are impressive and forward thinking.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The next generation of the Wildcat is one of the most highly anticipated side by sides in years, and from what we know so far it's not going to dissappoint! It has many features that have never been seen on any SxS as they rolled off the assembly line- standard 30" Tires on 15" KMC wheels, FOX Podium Shocks, stout RG Pro Supsension with 18" of travel, and the cc triple engine with a class-leading naturally-aspirated horsepower to name a few.

You know we can't leave well enough alone though- we'll be hard at work developing many performance parts and accessories for this machine with the same quality, durability, and of course the Straight-Up USA Horsepower that has made us known as the Worldwide Leader in Arctic Cat Performance!

We plan on offering many of the same type of go-fast parts that turned the Wildcat X into a whole new animal- from bolt-ons like our Hypershift Clutch Kits and Stainless Steel Mufflers and Headers all the way up to serious performance mods like Big Bore Kits and Turbocharger Kits, so stay tuned for further announcements on new products as the development continues Even better yet, our Stage 2 Exterminator Kit delivered hp with power and torque increases over the whole RPM range.

All testing was done with 87 octane fuel, so you can save a few bucks at the pump too.

textron wildcat

Stock Wildcat XX vs. RZR Breaking in the new Wildcat XX. Items 1 - 50 of We can build you a Race Ready Short Course Car out of your machine or we can supply a turn key machine for you! Call us at or email tech speedwerx. Our Stage 2 Exterminator Kit gives you the biggest bang for your buck in an easy bolt-on package.

Please call or email tech speedwerx. Now Available! Our Stainless Steel Exhaust Header has stepped diameter equal length primary tubes, and a 3-into-1 merge collector to maximize overall power and performance. Our Hypershift Clutch Kits are one of the most valuable products available when it comes to enhancing the performance of your UTV.

The Q6 Series Slip-On Exhaust is designed to increase power, add acceleration and throttle response, lose weight and be maintenance free all while being only slightly louder than stock. Tired of bending your Wildcat XX stock tie rods?? Wildcat Willy's tie rods are made out of the highest quality material on the market today.

This L2 Light n' Loud Series Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust is designed to increase power, add acceleration and throttle response, lose weight and give your machine a new deeper, throatier sound. The Power Commander is a fuel injection adjustment unit that plugs inline with the machines stock ECU electronic control unit. With this kit, the Power Commander V automatically adjusts the fuel map while riding. Our new PTO Output Shaft is a higher quality part built with tighter tolerances to cut down on the noise in the cab, and it reduces the vibrations and harmonics that lead to clutch button fatigue and failure.

Our new Clutch Intake Kit moves the clutch housing intake and exhaust hoses away from the cab to reduce the noise heard from the passenger compartment. We have them on hand and ready to ship to you!English French-Canadian. See Details. M Hardcore Alpha One. M Mountain Cat Alpha One. Riot X. ZR Thundercat. ZR R XC. ZR RR. ZR Limited. ZR View All Snowmobiles. View All Mid-Sized Vehicles.

View All Mountain Vehicles. View All Crossover Vehicles. View All Trail Vehicles. View All Sport Utility Vehicles.

2019 Textron Wildcat XX vs. Polaris RZR XP 1000: By the Numbers

View All Youth Vehicles. Alpha One. Wildcat XX. Prowler Pro. Prowler Pro Crew. Prowler View All Side-by-Sides. View All Wildcat Vehicles. View All Prowler Vehicles. Alterra Alterra TRV View All ATVs. Start a Legacy.Arctic Cat had been working on it for a long time before financial situations led to the buy-out and merger with Textron.

WILDCAT XX Takes a little drive in the woods

We also know Textron was working on a few things before it bought Arctic Cat — the latest being the new Havoc X. The delays were worth it, as the new Wildcat XX is getting rave reviews from those lucky enough to have taken one for a spin.

The XX is a naturally aspirated yes — no turbo charger! Power delivery, from all reports, is extremely good. To think, just a few years ago, horsepower would be unheard of. There will be turbo options available from the aftermarket probably by the time you read this. It runs on a cc, horsepower, twin cylinder ProStar motor that we all know and are familiar with. It makes great power and is the machine we compare all others to for a reason. The legendary Robby Gordon was brought in to consult on the Textron Wildcat XX package and the results are easy to see.

The suspension system, which uses Fox Podium 2. The shocks also have bottom-out control and 18 inches of travel. They ride on offset front A-arms with an unequal length that adjusts the tire camber and ensures maximum tire contact with the ground throughout the suspension travel.

There is a newly designed rear trailing arm setup that lets the tire move nearly straight up and down through the stroke of the shock. The Wildcat XX has Textron is marketing the Wildcat XX as a machine that can travel over anything, and from those that have driven one, that would appear to be accurate.

The shocks are 2-inch in the front and 2. Again, as we said, setting the standard, the RZR has dual A-arms in the front and the rear suspension set up uses trailing arms. This system has been refined over the years and works exceptionally well.

We do! Both machines are excellent and will stack up well against the competition. When Arctic Cat ran the show, the Wildcat machines were known to have really good suspension, but a few other quirks played down the popularity some.

The Textron Wildcat XX has amazing suspension and the rest of the machine seems to be right in the hunt. Is it enough to knock off the champ? Both are solid machines.

Powering Possibilities

Tell us, which one would you buy? Get ATV. Like ATV. Email a friend Comment. Who Wins the Fight? Email this article to a friend x. Your Email. Your Name. Your friend's Email. Email Subject. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.Built to handle boldly, corner ruthlessly and dominate the most extreme terrain. A side-by-side ready to take on dirt, dunes, mud and rocks with HP and suspension technology rooted in off-road racing. We did our homework and built a suspension system that hugs hairpin turns, dominates uneven terrain and outperforms the competition.

A better ride starts up front. Our unequal length A-arms neutralize camber, grabbing more of the ground to stabilize you through every white-knuckle corner. It links to the front instead of the sides to keep your wheels moving up-and-down, not side-to-side.

Many vehicles are plagued with side-to-side motion that pushes you off course, requiring constant steering corrections and robbing you of stability. Rock-solid, rigid shocks are built for big impact. But looser, more flexible shocks are more comfortable.

Instead of choosing, we gave Wildcat XX both. When you want to dial in a more precise ride for the obstacle in your way, FOX QS3 technology lets you do it more quickly and more simply than other suspension systems. When you hit a little turbulence, a secondary piston engages in the final 30 percent of shock travel, packing an additional 3, pounds of damping force. A best-in-class naturally aspirated engine with HP sacrifices nothing and is built to take any challenge head on.

We doubled down on durable, tested parts, including:. Greater flexibility on all kinds of terrain, along with superior rock crawling ability. It has more than enough travel to tame any terrain. The most spacious driver experience in the industry makes for the most comfortable ride. Wildcat XX stays high above terrain, so you can leave obstacles in the dust. No need to give this ride a breather — steady airflow keeps Wildcat XX cooler in hot conditions. The toughest challenges demand the toughest safety features, like our durable roll-over protection system.

Full-length hard doors give riders added protection from the elements. Coverage over each wheel keeps dust and other debris from reaching the cab.

Get more juice for your add-on parts with a standard amp alternator and pre-installed wiring. When you need to take extra gear, Wildcat XX hits the spot with a bed large enough to fit a full-sized spare tire.

Toolless and removable components give you quick access for easy serviceability. Wildcat XX is easier to service than any other performance side-by-side. Toolless bed removal gives you access to the powertrain, and a removable rear bottom skid plate lets you service the transaxle and engine with ease.Custom media type: giant-sentry-fist-preview Announced: 2011-05-31 Update 1: 2016-04-04 Update 2: 2016-08-17SCIM-enabled Identity Providers (IdPs) can automate provisioning of GitHub organization membership.

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textron wildcat

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