Merkel 200e

Posted: Thu Jul 22, pm. It has the double lock-up, back action locks, cocking indicators, SST, and three-piece fore-end. I can't find any information on this model - I would appreciate any information anyone might be able to provide. The used ones that I have seen with a similar vintage ss are comparably priced to this Merkel.

merkel 200e

Thanks in advance, Doverham. The is one of the best guns made by Merkel in the post war era. I have owned several and was always impressed with the fit and finish of this model.

The more valuable of the series would be those with game scene engraving and better wood Most guns produced had double triggers I suspect the SST model you're looking at was produced for the export market.

They are not particularly light, 12 gauge guns weighing around 7lbs. I have run into a weak ejector problem As with all Merkels they are choked tightly for the rating given I had mine opened to. Great guns I believe that today they are only available by special order. Thanks for that info. This is not an "E" so it does not have the upgraded wood or game scene engraving.

The engraving is almost a Celtic vine design and the wood is attractive but not attention grabbing - I am looking for a field gun so I would actually prefer something a little toned down. This gun weighs just under 7 lbs, which is comparable to a Beretta S2.

Not light today super 13 prediction still lighter than many new 12 ga. Posted: Sat Jul 24, pm. I agree with KarlJ's assessment. While I have never owned a came close once on a 20 gaugeI have held several, and they are lovely guns. I have a 16 gauge e and 20 gauge e, which of course are lower boxlock models, but the fit and finish are wonderful.

KarlJ, how did you disable the ejectors on your Merkel? Posted: Wed Jul 28, pm. Like the previous poster, I've only examined a few - never shot. Thanks for the input. I am currently negotiating a trade for one - hopefully it will happen.

Thomas, I'm not exactly sure what my gunsmith did, but the gun no longer throws them into the next county. Here's my prize Posted: Thu Jul 29, pm. Posted: Fri Jul 30, am. Posted: Fri Jul 30, pm.Both guns are, or have been, made in boxlock, sideplate and sidelock versions as the years have gone by. The AyA was originally known as the Coral, but in more recent years it has been made in just one version — the No 37 sidelock.

The 37 is so like the Merkel that AyA give the German company a credit for the basic design on their website. Yet, although the two guns look alike and work on similar principles, gunsmiths tell me that the differences are great enough for spares not to be interchangeable.

Historically, the Merkel is fascinating. A currently-popular Merkel, and one which has been built to suit UK shooters, is the C — a boxlock with sideplates. The barrels hinge on a full-width cross pin engaging with the barrel lumps. It is certainly not a Browning look-alike, and neither is it yet another copy on the overworked Italian stub pin theme.

Another aspect I find pleasing, and common to the Merkel and the AyA, is a three-piece fore end consisting of two pieces of wood attached to the barrel set, and a separate piece carrying the fore-end iron.

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merkel 200e

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Ружьё Merkel 2000. Идеальная классика

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Call Us!Posted: Mon Mar 08, pm. I am quite confused about the value of these guns. That seems awfully high to me. What seems a reasonable and fair price for these guns? Posted: Tue Mar 09, am. Last year about this time Champlin Arms had a nearly identical e 20 gauge with SST, but without the tarnish and without the marring of the checkering.

I can also tell you that a good friend of mine picked up a lovely straight stocked 16 gauge e at a gun show in the St. I might add too that I have seen some boxlocks with game scene engraved side plates resembling sidelocks sometimes mistakenly labeled as e's, when in reality they are e's I believe.

You can see an example of a e at Steve Barnett Fine Guns stevebarnettfineguns. Those are usually more expensive i. If you aren't stuck on a 20 gauge, Hallowellco.

Personally, I think the e's with case coloring, even if faded or completely worn, are nicer looking than those with the game scene engraving. Of course, I own a lovely 16 gauge e with faded case colors so I might be a bit biased. It's even lighter than the 20 gauge e listed on gunbroker.

Good luck in your search. Posted: Tue Mar 09, pm. For what its worth, Champlin Arms has a Model e 12 gauge.

George is a good guy to work with. Again, I like the e's, because I like case coloring or faded even completely wornand they tend to be less expensive. Posted: Sat Mar 13, pm. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Author Message seahorse Tournament Grade. Thomas Veith. Field Grade. That is a very helpful analysis. Thank you.

merkel 200e

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Any subversion of these rules will result in action taken against your account. Attention: We have put together a thread with tips and a tutorial video to help with using the new software. Please take a moment to check out the thread here: Trapshooters. Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Jul 6, Messages: I have a Merkel E with unusual markings I'd like to sell. It has a serial stamped on the side of the receiver Vand the sameminus the "v", in the usual place on the edge of the receiversame number on the barrels.

Georgia, VT Cal 12 Ga Inside of the receiver and on the barrels inside of the receiver are all the usual German proof marks, etc. It is a Merkel, I am positive. I think, but do not have the facts to support my theory, that Century Arms brought this in through Spain when it was difficult to get Merkels from the GDR. Good, strong positive ejectors. Looks like the buttstock got refinished, has a decelerator pad.

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No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Search tags for this page. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.Posted: Thu Aug 19, pm. A week ago I visited the local iron monger to get a brake cable for the bicycle.

However, the gun seller in the shop took me aside and showed me a Merkel E, vintage, 12 ga, choked for bird shooting, Boehler barrels, english straight stock, beautiful wood and double triggers. I brought it home and will apply for an gun permit of it. The pictures are clickable for magnification - then use the back-button of the browser to return to the thread. Posted: Sat Aug 21, pm.

Assuming this gun is tight, with no pitting, rust, chips, wood missing etc, you made a very good purchase Holy theft Batman! That is quite a steal! So, does it have 26, 28 or 30" barrels? How much does she weigh? What will you be hunting with it?

Y'all need to remember that pumpgun swede is from Sweden and the prices are different there than here in the USA. Posted: Sun Aug 22, am. They are well-built, no doubt, but they can be shot loose, as I learned for personal experience.

Fortunately, the dealer after telling me the action was tight agreed to pay for the necessary repairs after my gunsmith inspected the gun and concluded differently. No gun is free from that problem. I agree with Doverham. I had a e 16 gauge that was just starting to get ever so slightly loose. Still had many rounds left before it would need repairs, but the looseness was creeping in.

Doverham, what repairs did your gunsmith make just curious? The gun is tight and not much shot with. This is a normal price here for a german gun. BTW, I have tried to sell a fully engraved Simson boxlock for the same price and have had an advertisment for a month. Nobody has called.Posted: Wed Mar 05, am. It is literally NIB, with box, proofed in the early s, but otherwise unfired. Double triggers, pistol grip.

Fair price? If not, suggested fair price? Thanks for any input. Posted: Wed Mar 05, pm. Sounds like he's trying to bleed the last penny out of that gun Posted: Fri Mar 14, am.

Your price sounds a little high to me. Posted: Fri Mar 21, pm. The gun will not be rated for steel shot. Double trigger and pistoll grip not a god combo. The DT is wonderful but a PG goes better with a ST It's the steel shot thing that is beginning to bother me - you already cannot use it on waterfowl.

What's next? Posted: Tue Mar 25, pm. Sounds like a nice gun, but a bit high. You received excellent advise from the other gents. Negotiate and shop around a bit more Now I know we pay more over here, but that sounds way too high to me. Posted: Wed Mar 26, am. That is why a few sellers on GB and other places are importing good used shotguns, and making a nice profit I vote for a group buy.

I lived there for 12 years and my collection nearly cost me my marriage!!! I wouldn't buy anything long distance from Germany. Unless you are there and can inspect guns in person, its just not a good idea. I look when I go, but its a hit or miss thing. Right now the dollar isn't worth squat, so the big price advantage is disappearing and the competition for good used guns is enormous.

You need a trustworthy connection on the ground. DO NOT buy long distance.