How to deactivate conditional call forwarding on vodafone india

Users also choose to use this service as they may be faced with a no network situation at times. However, this is not a free service and Airtel charges for every minute as an outgoing call. If at any point, you wish to deactivate your Airtel call forwarding service, you can simply do so by turning off the call forwarding feature that has been activated through your phone settings.

This will deactivate the call forwarding service. However, if you are unable to locate this function or you have activated the service through a call forwarding code, you can deactivate it by dialling the below-mentioned codes.

how to deactivate conditional call forwarding on vodafone india

Now that you know how to deactivate call forwarding in Airtel, you may need to reactivate the service sometime in the future or maybe you have never used the call forwarding service before. So, we take you through a quick step-by-step process of how you can activate the call forwarding service if you are an Airtel subscriber.

First of all, you will need a handset which comes with a call forwarding function. Now look for 'Advanced settings' and select 'Call forwarding'. Following are the different options available for activating call forwarding:. The Debate. Breaking News. Today, we take you through how to deactivate call forwarding in Airtel with steps and how to reactivate.

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how to deactivate conditional call forwarding on vodafone india

Go to Solution. Typically, I had this message on unlocked phone not bought with my provider I don't know if you will be able to program a different number if you have voicemail enabled on your account. The signal reception in my house is very weak, the phone support vowifi, but videotron doesn't allow it on this phone.

I have to keep the voice message, in case some of the important calls. Thank you! Hi Ramesh. Have a good day! I was looking for the same solution and this guide by Techomarkt help me a lot. Go to the Videotron. Sign In. Devices, packages, apps: start the conversation. First steps No thanks. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

Search instead for. Did you mean:. Or Post on the Community. English : Mobility : How do I disable the message "Conditional call for How do I disable the message "Conditional call forwarding is enabled".

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Hello I just got a new xperia xa2 ultra. My old nexus 5 never has this problem. How do I disable this message from showing up?Make sure you haven't missed that all important call while your phone was switched off by subscribing to the Missed Call Information service.

Get SMS alerts as soon your phone is switched on to get details of who called you and when. For more details, click here. Filter out all those pesky calls you don't want to receive by subscribing to the Call Filter service. Subscribe to our new and upgraded Voice Mail Service, available pan India, and have important calls diverted to your Voice Mail box whenever your phone is switched off. Receive an SMS alert every time someone leaves a voice message and retrieve it at your own convenience.

This service comes pre-activated on your Vodafone mobile phone. To activate this service just go to your phone menu and activate Call Waiting. Please check your handset manual for details. This website uses own third-party cookies. Find out more about usage in our Privacy Policy page. Online Recharge. Prepaid Plans. Unlimited Packs. Best Offers. TalkTime Packs. Data Packs. Pay Bill Online. Postpaid Plans. Postpaid Connection. Prepaid Connection.

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Choose Your Number. Vodafone Play. Vodafone REDX.If you make a call with your smartphone, the following message may appear on the display: "Conditional call forwarding active". You will now be wondering what this message means and maybe how to disable it. We would like to explain to you what it has to do with the "conditional forwarding".


Conditional forwarding means that calls which are received during the currently started call are automatically sent to the forwarding number like a mailbox. In order to deactivate the conditional forwarding, the call diversion must be switched off. There are various methods.

One of them is via network code. First, you should be aware, however, if you want to disable it at all. Because then also no mailbox is activated, if a call is not accepted by you. Open the phone app on your smartphone, and then tap the keypad. Enter the following code to deactivate all call diversions:. All call forwarding are now switched off by your mobile phone provider. From now on, you will not receive a message with "Conditional call forwarding active" when making a call. Manuel has been involved with technology for more than 15 years, especially with mobile phones, smartphones and PC systems and shares his passion here in this blog.

If he can help someone with a technical problem, he is especially happy about it. About the Author Manuel has been involved with technology for more than 15 years, especially with mobile phones, smartphones and PC systems and shares his passion here in this blog.

Search on our site Search.If you no longer wish to divert your calls to your voicemail or another number, you need to cancel the diverts. Find "Call forwarding". Press the phone icon. Press the Menu key. Press Settings. Press Voice call. Press Call forwarding. Cancel all diverts.

Press one of the following options: Always forward. Forward when busy. Forward if unanswered. Forward if unreachable. Press Disable. Repeat until all diverts have been cancelled. Return to the home screen. Press the Home key to return to the home screen. Please let us know how we could improve our device guides Enter your comments here then click the 'Send' button. Select help topic Basic use. Change settings. Read help info. Step 1 of 12 Find "Call forwarding" Press the phone icon.A seamless communication system is a foundation upon which the success of a business is built.

Not only does it ensure that the information flow across various verticals is consistently maintained but it also helps organizations grapple with multiple networking complexities on a real-time basis. This is why it comes as no surprise that most companies, whether multi-nationals or start-ups, are continually searching for credible telephony techniques which can empower them to improve their interactions with both, businesses and customers. These techniques should not just be able to streamline communications, but they should also harbor the potential to ensure that the callers have a productive and gratifying experience.

The need of the hour, therefore, is to develop a sound communication approach that can effectively blend the ideals of both, professionalism with simplicity. Call forwarding, owing to its competence and reliability is one such strategy. Commonly known as call diversion, call forwarding is a feature which helps a business to redirect their incoming calls to a different number.

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This could be due to multiple reasons which are discussed below. The call forwarding feature can be used in a variety of situations like unavailability of the users to receive the call, delay in call reception, an absence of network coverage or busy phone lines, or the business wanting to continue to use their publicized phone number but shift to a different operator. This system even allows a business to forward calls to multiple phones at the same time.

Moreover, calls can also be routed to a voicemail with a predefined message. In other words, the primary purpose of call forwarding is to ascertain that all incoming calls are directed to the right terminus at the right time! The business call forwarding technology makes sure that an organized and coherent call flow is sustained throughout the different user groups associated with an organization.

As the name itself suggests, unconditional forwarding redirects all your incoming calls to a different call destination. This means that every single call on your phone would be routed to another number, as specified by you.

Activate/Deactivate Call Forwarding

To use your existing number with Exotel, you have to activate Immediate Call Divert. This will divert all the calls landing on your phone number to your ExoPhone. Activation of this facility is generally free and charges are equivalent to one outgoing call, which is operator dependent.

Apart from the aforementioned, there is another type of call forwarding feature which comes into operation under certain predefined circumstances. This is primarily known as conditional call forwarding. Conditional forwarding can prove to be an ideal solution if you prefer the call to be answered rather than directly sending it to voicemail.

Unlike unconditional forwarding, conditional call forwarding does not redirect all the incoming calls. Instead, it diverts only the ones which meet the criteria mentioned above. This is precisely why conditional forwarding is considered to be a more sophisticated and dynamic system as compared to its counterparts.

Setting up a call forwarding service for business requires a blend of due diligence and caution. Most telecom operators in India provide call forwarding facilities in three different modes. These are:. This will immediately redirect all your calls to your ExoPhone. No charges would be incurred for the activation of this facility. However, the charges incurred for usage will be completely dependent on the operator.

In order to understand how does call forwarding work in a better manner, it would be wise to take a look at the way in which all major Indian telecom operators handle the call forwarding feature —.

Setting up a call forwarding service for business is a relatively simple affair, provided you adopt the procedures stated by various operators, skillfully. For a business, call forwarding can be highly advantageous. Despite the size, strength or technical proficiency of an organization, the use of call forwarding can effectively streamline business communications. This can be better understood with the help of an example. For most businesspersons, giving out their personal telephone numbers to other parties is not a desirable practice.

However, they have to do so because if their main business number remains unavailable, they might end up losing an important client! It is in situations like these that call forwarding service for business can help. You can give out your official number and have the calls forwarded to your number if the former remains unanswered. This way, both your needs for staying connected and maintaining privacy, can be satisfied.One Net Business features.

Detailed feature guide. One Net Manager. One Net app. One Net Call Centre. One Net Receptionist Console. Requirements for One Net Business applications. View all. Overview of the setup process. Customising One Net Business.

how to deactivate conditional call forwarding on vodafone india

First steps as an administrator. Downloading and opening the applications. One Net Manager help for administrators. Overview of One Net Business.

One Net videos. Feature guide. One Net Manager for users. One Net Manager for administrators. There are a number of situations when you may want to forward incoming calls to another number or to voicemail.

how to deactivate conditional call forwarding on vodafone india

Forwards calls to another number when you're busy on a call or if you have activated another service that blocks incoming calls, for example, do not disturb.

Forwards calls to another number if you don't answer before the number of rings that you set as the limit. Forwards calls to another number if technical problems prevent One Net Business from connecting a call to your phone. Forwards calls to another number if a call meets the criteria you have specified in one or more rules.

You can also forward calls to voicemail all the time, when you're busy or when you're unable to answer the phone. If you set up call forwarding to both another number and to voicemail for the same situation, for example when your phone is busy, it will be forwarded to the phone number rather than voicemail.

Read about sending calls to voicemail. You can also use feature access codes to forward calls in all One Net Business applications and on all devices. Read about using feature access codes to forward calls.