C1ick my match

September 4, by Jeff Armstrong. Note: This post is part of our "Learn Blog" for photographers. For workshops, coaching, and other resources designed to help grow your skills as a photographer click here after you read the article, of course! Ah, the great task of matching digital files to film scans.

But, oh! A brief history of film emulation to show how we arrived at our favorite tool. The Modern Era of Film Emulation and how it will help you be a better or at least a more efficient photographer. Our favorite presets for matching digital to film or should we say, profiles! Yet, there was much to be desired still from those presets. Edited with C1ick Match. Since Mastin Labs preset were released, a number of film emulation iterations have risen that have all attempted to bridge the gap over which Mastin first ventured.

And yet, one film emulation tool has begun to take the market by storm among many well-known, long-time film shooters. Film emulation, along with excellent gear that rivals and beats many film cameras in terms of dynamic range, has entered a new era leaving many long-time film shooters even unsure which photo is film and which is digital. Particularly tricky to the well-trained eye is C1ick Match, a collection of film emulated profiles that have managed to beautifully replicate both Kodak and Fujifilm stocks including Portra and Fuji H.

Most wedding photographers are familiar with presets, but profile will throw quite a few off. The benefit to this is that, even after the profile is applied, you still have a wide range of control over your sliders, where a preset would cause the slider to move and thus prevent as drastic of slider flexibility.

We actually made a transition from Mastin Labs to C1ick Match due to C1ick appearing to have a more film like gradation in color, especially in the highlights. The shadows and colors in general just seem to match film better. C1ick Match began in the summer of by Dustin Stockel as a scientific approach to achieving a look that was similar in rendering to how Noritsu and Frontier scanners create a well-balanced scan.

Since their release, Dustin has provided impressive updates that continue improving the work-flow speed of many hybrid photographers.

Our work-flow has drastically improved. Most photographers seem to have little or no idea about SEO.

c1ick my match

It seems like a daunting concept and a burden insurmountable. A Brief History of Film Matching. The Modern Era of Film Emulation. More Info On C1ick Match. Email Address. Sign Up. Other Articles From Our Blog. Mar 4, Tools for Six-Figure Wedding Photographers in Feb 13, Dec 26, Dec 11, Nov 19, Sep 4, Jul 19, Pages: 1 2 All. Once you have completed all the steps toward getting your profile on match. The first month or so on Match is definitely the most interesting because everyone is new and exciting.

This is what you should know as you begin. Match Words — this is a keyword type of search. I find this search method faulty. Also, unless you edit the keywords within your profile, Match will generate them automatically based upon your profile. You can end up with some weird stuff that way. Keyword — almost the same as Match Words. I find it hard to believe no one has used that word in his profile.

Age, Location and Custom Searches — this is the way to go. You can narrow down prospects with the following options:. You can further narrow down your searches. This is useful if you are searching only for a tall, non-smoking liberal who has a cat and exercises a lot three people come up under this specific of a search—they are apparently the three perfect men for me.

These are the categories you can use for that type of search:. Look through the profiles your search has delivered! Some you will dismiss immediately, some you will find interesting. Get on the interesting ones by either winking or emailing.

It can be tricky deciding which option to go with. If you can come up with something good to say, emailing is usually the better choice.

I like to send short emails with a question somewhere in them. If you ask a question, the person you are emailing has something to say to you in a response. Hopefully you will hear back from the person you have contacted. If not, you can make yourself feel better by assuming the person does not have a paid subscription.

Match allows you to set up a profile without paying a subscription fee. Or both. Ignore it! If you receive a wink or email from someone who does not interest you, ignore it. This happens all the time.

My Profile is on Match. Psych Central. All rights reserved.

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Find help or get online counseling now. Setting up Your Searches There are a few ways to search through the profiles posted on the site: 1.It is so ridiculously exciting to be posting this. C1ick Matchand what is now known as The Archetype Processis live and the profiles we have been using are now available to the public!

We have been working with Dustin since as a photo editor and we give a huge amount of credit for our success to the work he has done for us for so long.

With a preset, most of the adjustments are made in Lightroom so when you look at the adjustment panels most of the sliders are already moved to specific positions. The Archetype Process profiles are completely different.

Rather than using Lightrooms limited adjustment in the basic panel and HSL, most of the work is done behind the scenes. Imagine it this way. I make limited adjustments to the white balance, tint, exposure, contrast as well as the highlights, whites, shadows and blacks. I never do anything outside of the basic panel. These profiles work the same way. After you import your raw digital file and apply the profile the settings are still zeroed out, just like a film scan.

In fact, many of the adjustments I make are almost exactly the same as how I edit my film scans. Beyond that, these profiles have the absolute closest look to film.

The other area they excel in is great skin tone. When Dustin was developing these profiles, skin tones were always a priority. As a family photographer I always edit for skin tone and let everything else fall into place.

Yes, this is a biased mini review! As someone who has worked with us as an editor we have seen his incredible attention to every single detail in everything he does. He is a perfectionist and it shows in the quality of his work and these profiles are no exception. In my opinion these film profiles are the best film emulation product on the market right now. The following images have been edited using several of the C1ick Match profiles.If you need to pick up negatives or film orders, please call us at Our editing team uses Lightroom Catalogs and smart preview files to edit digital orders.

Smart Preview files are a lightweight, smaller file format that contains all the color information of your RAW files, but without the big file sizes. This makes it easy to send us the files we need to complete your order without waiting hours for files to upload.

Select the photos you would like to include with your order. We require that you send only the images you would like to be edited with your order. If you would like to send us sample or anchor images to work from please label these images as green before exporting the catalog. If you would like us to edit every photo from a catalog you can export from the main menu.

To send us specific images from a larger catalog first place each of the images you would like to send into a collection. This will open the Export Catalog Dialog box. Go to the location on your computer that you selected as the location for your export and check for two files.

There should be a catalog that will have a. We will be unable to edit your order without both of these files. After you have your files exported and zipped you will go to our online order form at thefindlab. We will double check that everything was sent correctly within one business day and our editors will get started on your order. If there are any issues with your files, our editors will reach out to you to help you get the correct files.

Please keep in mind that you will not be invoiced until we receive and verify your files were sent correctly and that your payment information was received and processed. Our Editors will do sample edits for every order.

C1ick Match Fujifilm Pro Action

They will sample out the various lighting conditions throughout your order just to make sure they are heading in the right direction. Our Editors will not move forward on your order until sample edits have been approved or adjustments have been received via email.

Your due date could be affected if a response to samples comes too late. After our team has edited your order they will send you an edited catalog in return. Be sure to not move or delete your RAW files while you wait. Your images will then be ready for any finishing touches and final export.

We are trained to edit film, digital, and hybrid orders. Yes, we will still be able to edit your order! We just ask that you apply the preset to your photos and edit a few photos within your collection and mark them green in LR as anchor images for us to use.

We just ask that you edit a few photos within your collection and mark them green in LR as anchor images for us to use. You will not need to purchase these presets. This copies all of your RAW files and puts them in the same folder as your catalog and smart previews. Send us your film photos for reference and our editors will match them for you.I love shooting film! There is no way to overstate how much I love what these profiles do to my digital images!

They really are that good! Making my digital images emulate film has always been a pipe dream.

c1ick my match

There were products out on the market that did a pretty good job and got you almost there. These Lightroom profiles opened a door and has accomplished something that has never been possible. The tones and accuracy is incredible!

Truly, this is the next generation of film emulation. I try to be honest as possible at all times, so this is an honest review. I always have been going for that film look.

And I achieved it by actually shooting film. But not just that, like very few others, I was crazy enough to buy a Fuji Frontier scanner. If I was going to know film, and shoot it, and consider myself an expert, I needed to know all aspects of it. I spent countless hours in front of that damn machine. Countless rolls of film for my clients and my personal work were put through that machine. Over the years of scanning film, I really got to know color. And I became the strongest advocate for film because 1.

I shot a lot of it and scanned a lot of it and I truly believed that it was the benchmark, the gold standard and 2.

c1ick my match

I knew it set me apart from the majority of photographers, as most film photographers always talk about. Because film shooters can no longer rely on the solely look that film gives to set them apart. They will have to step up their actual images, film look or not, in order to stay ahead, and that in turn makes everyone a better shooter. I love a good change up. Now, technically speaking. Are these profiles exactly like film? The one that most people see is probably a replica.

But does it matter?Remember Me Forgot Password?

Best Film Emulation Presets: Matching Digital to Film

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C1ick Match / The Archetype Process Film Profiles // Kodak Pro and Fujifilm Pro

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