Bmw e90 idrive upgrade

Remember Me? Hey, Is it possible to update iDrive software? I believe the new models have many "modern" features such as reading text messages etc when connected to phones via bluetooth Would be great to have this in my Appreciate 0. First Lieutenant. I did the Bluetooth software update and it was very impressive on both my and X5.

The difference is quite noticeable. Not only does it handle calls better, the numbers are shown with the caller's photo and now when I stream Pandora or SiriusXm Apps the songs and details are displayed. Plus you can use the steering wheel buttons to skip or repeat songs from the aforementioned apps.

I also get the option of receiving emails, SMS and service messages. Originally Posted by compdr Mind you, some of the features will ONLY be available with a new navigation system- the map updates and the iDrive updates only take you so far. Enter last 7 digits of vin, not last 4. Originally Posted by ljmib. So when I enter the last 4 of my VIN nothing happens. Second Lieutenant. Check the subforum for detailed info on this.

The later model s do have the combox and can do the media features. The details are in the CIC subforum. Common issue, and a major pain in the ass. I forgot how I ultimately got it downloaded, but someone here definitely helped me.

Works flawlessly. Just did it on my is. Go to update page, enter last 7 of VIN, if there's a update available there will be a download button at the bottom of the page. Downloaded the bin onto laptop, moved to flash drive. Start car, plug drive into usb in center armrest, IDrive menu, settings, software update, and then update software.

It will tell you what to do. If your car don't have ConnectedDrive its not available. Originally Posted by Jeronimo. Originally Posted by gutshot. Well I did some searching and from what I can gather I don't think any software update is available for my car. It's a and doesn't have the "software update" in the options. I event went into service mode in idrive and the only thing I could update was "Gracenote". I've also come across a lot of threads that talk about if your car was built in or something you can't update the software.

Looks like it's a lost cause for me. Private First Class. I'm having the same issue. I have the USB in the glove box. Last 7 - ARemember Me? Lieutenant Colonel. Hey guys, well my dad bought me my first car, 06 E90 with everything but parking sensor and cold weather package.

I've seen that the I-Drive can be updated, how do i do this? Do i just go to the dealership and ask them to upgrade it? Appreciate 0. Second Lieutenant. Originally Posted by Jokeri. I had to change my front winshield rain and light sensors on my i because they went bad, and car needed to be reprogrammed.

When I got it back, they did the upgrade for me for free. It does look better now. It also gives you the option to type the name of what you want to search when using the GPS options. Good Luck.

NBT Evo ID5/ID6 iDrive Upgrade for BMW F- & G-Series

Originally Posted by imrickjames Enlisted Member. Try giving a "reason" for the iDrive Progman upgrade.

bmw e90 idrive upgrade

If you have a "reason" and the car is still under warranty the dealer can more easily justify the upgrade when they do the paperwork as opposed to just "I want the upgrade". Good luck. Now, when I start the car, I still get the warning screen, but it goes away after clicking my seatbelt.

Graphics are improved, too. I am much more satisfied now with the performance of my iDrive. I believe the software update is comprehensive and includes more than just the iDrive. EDIT: no, it didn't, but I am not worried about it. As for the price, my dealer was able to get it covered for me at no additional charge because there were particular other issues that in their judgment warranted the upgrade -- BUT, they confirmed that the decision depends on the particular circumstances and they are within their rights to charge a fee -- it is actually a very time-and-labor intensive process.

And trust me, it is worth every penny of the upgrade fee. Last edited by abcommercial; at PM. I am taking my E90 in tomorrow for squeaky rear brakes. I mentioned to them about the idrive update and they can only update it falls under a certain type of problem. It seems not being able to play mp3 cd's is a problem that they will address with the idrive update.Hi all. I'm looking at buying a 3 series E90 and some have the iDrive system and some do not.

They are Japan imports so the iDrive ones have Japan maps for the nav and the reset of the system is in Japanese and the radio of course is in the wrong frequency. My question is, is there a bolt in replacement system that works for RHD E90's that has Bluetooth, Navigation and any other controls the iDrive normally has?

Also must integrate with the steering wheel controls and any other systems the original Japanese system did. I've just installed a similar unit in my 1'er, they'll all pretty much clones. Don't pay that amount though To be honest, except for the hassle of exchange I'm pretty happy.

Navigation with offline maps or tethered or with a SIM works flawlessly and BT for music and calls seems fine. Make sure you add the external mic to the bundle. The screen itself is awesome. Others have had positive experience with different brands and Alibaba specials so I'd base my decision on price and support expectations, they seem to be the only differentiators.

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Happy to answer any questions I can. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.It was first announced at the end ofand some models came to the market already equipped with it. A rough list for a regular iDrive upgrade would look like this:. But older BMWs might also require new trim parts and additional modules.

In order to make a rough estimate for yourself whether the upgrade will be more or less complicated, find out what current head unit you have. The newer it is, the easier the process will be. The biggest change you will notice right away is the new user interface.

It has a completely different logic to the menu structure and has 2 versions: ID5 and ID6. These are both the same underlying iDrive system. It also supports a higher resolution screen with touch sensitive functionality in some BMW vehicles - below you can see the display sizes that come in kits for different models.

bmw e90 idrive upgrade

Each tile has a preview which makes it easier to quickly find the necessary section. You can customize the order of the tiles as well as the preview. If you press the Mode button on the wheel or on the central console panel, you will get a popup with all available sources for playing audio.

BMW is always working on improving its maps โ€” not only through yearly updates of navigation information, but also polishing their look and usability. On the new iDrive Touch Controller you have two dedicated buttons: Nav, which leads you to the destination input, and Map, which launches the maps.

But most importantly, you can take advantage of all those apps without taking your eyes off the road because Siri will help you do all of these things just with your voice commands. In addition to having all your content on a bigger screen, the audio will also come through the BMW stereo system.

How to Check BMW iDrive Version In order to make a rough estimate for yourself whether the upgrade will be more or less complicated, find out what current head unit you have. Screen resolution 8. BimmerTech [[comment. Thank you for the submission. Your review will appear shortly. Screen resolution.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

BMW Software Update.

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Toyota Radio. Mitsubishi Radio. Honda Radio. Hyundai Radio.The platform also underpins the infotainment system found in Rolls-Royce vehicles and, under the brand name "Connected", can be found in current-generation MINIs. The concept is simple: take as many secondary vehicle controls as possible โ€” music, navigation, climate control etc.

This means you have a single, cohesive way to access all your car's features and settings, but can make it difficult to keep track of everything your vehicle is capable of, particularly without a BMW iDrive manual. We take a look at a few of the questions a lot of people have about iDrive, whether they're having BMW iDrive problems, or they're considering buying a new BMW, to help you understand exactly what iDrive has to offer. This content includes vehicle settings and journey data, as well as more typical infotainment features, such as navigation, music and communication.

The system is a combination of hardware and software. Scattered around the driver's cabin can also be found supplementary pieces of equipment, including buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel, a microphone for voice control and, in vehicles with the latest BMW iDrive versions, cameras supporting gesture control.

All this hardware is used to run BMW's dedicated iDrive software, which, like the operating systems we're familiar with from our phones and computers, has seen a number of different versions through the years. It is the software that determines much of the user experience, including menu layout and feature set through different BMW iDrive apps. Like other technology devices, iDrive has gone through several progressive stages. Over time, more features have been added to the iDrive system, and the visual interface has been modernized and improved.

Whereas older iDrive versions featured menus to scroll through, the latest iterations include layouts made up of dynamic tiles. As well as looking more contemporary, these layouts also make it easier to get the information you need at a glance. Thanks to the changes made to the interface from one iDrive version to the next, distinguishing between different generations is usually simple. As each iDrive version largely replaced its predecessor, you can also get an idea of which iDrive version you have by looking up your vehicle's model and production year.

If you need any help, get in touch with us and we'll help you identify your iDrive head unit. Most BMWs will still feel pretty fresh even a decade after production, but the same probably can't be said of iDrive.

Technology moves so quickly that it only takes a few years for a system to start lagging behind, so the iDrive in your brand new BMW could be outdated in a few key areas before your lease is up.

One area where issues come up particularly quickly is smartphone connectivity. With each year's models from the likes of Apple and Samsung adding more new features, it's likely that your old iDrive won't be compatible with everything your phone has to offer.

In newer BMWs, for example, after pairing your smartphone with your car it's possible to call Siri or Google Assistant using the voice command button on the steering wheel. Older vehicles, produced before the rise of virtual assistants, won't have that feature available. Your dealer may be able to update your iDrive firmware next time you take your car in for a service. Retrofitting a new iDrive head unit can let you access all the latest features in your older BMW.

Depending on your vehicle and its current hardware, as well as the iDrive version you intend to upgrade to, you may need to replace the whole iDrive system, or just a few components. In return you get a much more advanced hardware and internet support. Making a more substantial jump will require far more extensive changes. Find out what you can expect when upgrading your iDrive head unit. Navigation is a key part of the iDrive system, making it easy to get from A to B.

In these cars, the process is similar to updating your smartphone to the latest iOS or Android version โ€” your iDrive will download the data, and you'll only need to restart your car. Vehicles that do not support OTA updates will require a manual upgrade.Remember Me? I've done some searching but so far have not found the answers I am looking for.

I'm pretty sure my iDrive is the cic version but that is as much as I know. If so is this something I can handle on my own or would it be a job for the dealership?

bmw e90 idrive upgrade

From what I hear they won't do it unless you're having a problem with iDrive to begin with. Appreciate 0. I'd ask you to search deeper, but short answer: Yes. Depending on cable quality, it may be anywhere from hours so make sure you have a battery charger handy.

Free bump, and anybody else that knows more may feel free to correct me. Appreciate 1. See, that's why I put the "feel free to correct me" clause Glad you replied, thanks! Which specific ICOM cable do you recommend then? I somewhat understand what you guys are saying, but still a bit confused on the matter.

Are we talking about updating the nav maps? The cables I should be able to get without any issues, going to need to anyway for future coding mods. As for the battery charger, I have a small one that I've used in the past but I'm not sure if its potent enough to maintain the battery charge up during the process, at the least it would just slow down the discharge rate.

I bought a set of maps from BMW. It was supposed to be a simple; put your DVD disc and update procedure, as told to me by the dealer. I placed the first of the two discs in the DVD drive and -Nothing. Called the shop, there was a lot of head scratching and discussion as to where the hard drive was and wether I needed the USB disk rather than the discs to update. Long story short, I left the car at the dealer to upgrade the Maps- whichever method worked and update the Bluetooth as well.

I asked about updating the iDrive, my car is a i Convertible, and was told that an update May disable remote top operation! I was confused, told them I did not want to lose any functionality currently available. Just install the maps and Bluetooth.